Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thinking about Munich

My husband has sent/mailed applications to five companies. In a week, his boss will ask him to tell his decision. In case we go, we'll keep the Hamburg flat for 6 more months and live in a Munich apartment.
The company is in a change at the moment, and they have centralized the customer service, so the dept in Hamburg will be closed. But they urgently want J, he has been in this company for 7 years.
What if I like Munich? The climate is murder. I felt 80 years old when we were there. But this might be something to get used to. The people are more conservative in general -- and racists. Not all of them; we'll stick to the other kind.

The idea of J's boss was that I'll stay in Hamburg, and they will generously pay me a flight every month or so. No, if my husband goes, I will, too.
And the job? To be honest: They want him to repair what went wrong in 7 years. And he told them from the start.
But in a week, we'll know more!
I'll ask the I-Ging.

Update. Tomorrow, J will have a job interview in Hamburg.


Cynthia said...

Sooo - looks like you might be moving too. It's such a big decision with both good and bad. I know - I have a similar list of my own going.

Munich is pretty - heck all of Germany is beautiful! I suppose whatever you and your husband decide, you (and I) have to look at it as an adventure.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I moved a lot in the younger years of my life. That meant kids in new schools etc. I look back now and realize those were big crossroads in my life and determined many things that happened to me after making a decision on whether to go or not go.
I must say....we always did choose to go. There will always be both good and bad with those decisions.

ArtSparker said...

J's Boss...Thanks SO MUCH for your input , dude. Seven years - respect is is good, too bad it wasn't more timely. Now businesses, they should definitely be thinking before they act.

It is a big city...My guess is that once you found like-minded people there you would have close relationships. Just looked at Craigslist for Munich and can't figure it out...almost everything is in English, but possibly you might get different results.

Diane said...

I hope everything goes well with this. You are in my thoughts!

Rayna said...

AAARGH - what a decision! We, too, are in the throes of decision-making about our living arrangements. Not by choice.

Let me know what the I-Ching says.

Eva said...

The I-Ching said: You have to bite through. 6 on 5: Too hard, but with the advice of the wise, the outgoing is lucky. Final sign: Overflowing. Lucky sign, but do not exaggerate.
I use a French version of explanations by Marguerite de Surany, "I-Ching and Kabbala" (in German translation) which I think is the best.