Saturday, October 16, 2010


The night before Friday I woke up a few times and I thought: "I spoilt that drawing, and now I hate it" -- I mean the sketch of the tatzel cloth. Too heavy coloring, too many colors. While I'm quilting, I tell myself I have to wait until it is fully quilted and it will be surrounded by something I'm not planning, just having a vision of. But in spite of my working style of past years I will continue to work on one theme to develop the perfect version of the motif.


Yael said...

It will be wonderful - I am sure Eva!!

Judy said...

I agree with Yael.....your work is so very fine! Don't fret!!
I'm amazed that you too wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts like that!
Tell me about the picture you posted. Do you draw the entire outline first and then paint? So much wonderful detail!


Eva said...

Judy, I used a light green color pencil to make a sketch and outlined it with the black textile pencil. Then I started painting. After the paint was dry, I added more details like the plants in the background and gave the clouds an extra outline.

Els said...

O yes Eva, hating your own work (or rather not being satisfied how it all turned out) is the priviledge of every artist. I'm sure you remember the storm that brook loose when Jude told she hated her cloth, some time ago ;-)
I'm quite familiar with the feeling and you know: sometimes you're just right and sometimes you have to keep on going , or start again and take another "turn" halfway. You know best in the end !!!!!! Have fun,and keep drawing Tatzelwürme!

Diane said...

I did the same thing night before last, woke up and ripped out everything I had stitched the night before. I definitely know the feeling!