Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays and back to daily life

Driving home for Christmas. We spent our holidays in my husband's hometown again. Temperatures were between -2 and -10° C/ 28 and 14° F. Jens had to scratch ice from the windscreen.
 About 5 or 6" snow. Unusual for our region, where we rather have warmer temps around Christmas, and people make bets whether it will be white or green.
We celebrate the evening of Dec 24th, so we arrived for coffee, then it was time to hand over the presents, we had a nice meal, and on Saturday morning we went to see J's old friends.
We went home to Hamburg on Saturday night after coffee.
 This evening, a garbage container started burning, it looked dramatic, but very soon was under control.
And I connected the latest strips to the quilt, you can see it at the foot of the quilt. And a ribbon with another magic spell is visible.


Deborah said...

Really beautiful!

Jacky said...

Chilly but beautiful! I cant even begin to imagine weather that cold.
We have had a very cool (and somewhat wet) Christmas this year, temperatures in the very low 20's (C)...very nice for your festivities and hot meals though. Usually we are in the high 30's sometimes even low 40's.
Your finished quilt looks wonderful and I love the magical spell ribbon.
Enjoy the holiday season.

Jacky xox

mokkakissa said...

Bad weathers in Europe lately... We usually go to the cemetary 24.12 evening but this year there was so much snow that we could not get very far. All the candles were deep sunken in the snow... Cars are somewhere under the snow every morning. AND this in Finland! I mean we of all people should be used to this... Hope you had a nice Christmas! Spring is on it way!

Suzanna said...

The quilt looks so beautiful. I've so much enjoyed watching its development...

Yael said...

Eva, that photo with the bricks is SO wonderful, I just love it!!!
The quilt is almost ready and I am stunned with its beauty - the magic works!!
Oh, and interesting books on the shelf! :-)

Chris Gray said...

We've had the same temperatures here too!

...could have done with that lovely quilt....and I like the idea of putting spells into's very much like traditional tribal stitching...everything has a meaning...

Keep warm

Fiona said...

That quilt is beautiful. Such lovely colours. It is very cold here too.