Monday, December 13, 2010

A Magic Breakfast

I recite a spell from the book "Mythic and Magic Songs of the Estonians" by Friedrich Kreutzwald, 1848. It bans the snake so it will not harm humans and also conjures healing power.
The video is shown here in a very reduced quality. You can see it on YouTube alternatively.
And here is a video of an American learning Estonian. Respect! He is doing very well.

I speak the words in the way that Estonian was spoken in exile in my childhood.
I made a mistake in the end. So you better not use the spell.

We took this video in Berlin, in the café where we had breakfast. This explains the voices and noise in the background.

And here is the -- corrected -- spell, integrated in the reptile quilt.

The excerpt from the book shows an old-fashioned spelling. Estonian was based almost entirely on oral transmission.


Rayna said...

A magic video! How wonderful to see and hear you in person. Your voice sounds exactly the way I imagined it would sound.
What a pleasure!! Thanks.

Yael said...

"Goldne Frau im Gras dem welken..."
What a wonderful poem - ich bin ganz verzaubert am fruehen Morgen! And I too took very much pleasure in seeing you and hearing your warm and pleasant voice Eva-Maria!

Els said...

Wow great Eva!!! Lovely to séé you ánd hear your voice... ;-)

Eva said...

Thank you, ladies!