Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Why in English? That's for you, friends!
I activated my sketchbook again after a long time. It used to be my constant companion. During the past years I have spent a lot more time at home than before when I was a single. Commuting and spending a lot of time (and money) in cafés and restaurants was a larger part of my lifestyle.
I'm not searching any more, I found a home and a partner. Happyness is indoors. Or, when we walk, there is not much time to take sketches. So there is not much there to fill my sketchbooks! Yet, today I found things to sketch.
Again I tried to reach the administration about the trees that were taken down near my home. Everything was okay, the guy said. Not to me!!


Jacky said...

Wonderful sketches...they tell such a story (I love chow chow) and I feel for you with them chopping down those trees.
I noticed driving home today where a row of lovely willow trees had had their tops lopped off due to power lines...these so called tree surgeons are butchers!
Hope you enjoyed the muffin. Nice to be decadent sometimes.

Jacky xox

Chris Gray said...

..revisiting a sketchbook is like coming across and old friends isn't it...

love the doggy :-)

jude said...

sketching can be fit in almost anytime... i find.