Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flowers from my husband

Now I'm sixty. And it seems to be the best time in my life. It has never been this great. Not even in my childhood. There was a veil of sadness over my life that isn't there any more and that I got rid of not until I was in a mature age. It did not even concern me! I just shared the trauma of my family.
My parents in law gave me a value certificate for a clothing shop for larger sizes. Black jeans, raspberry top, sky blue cardigan. While trying things on, I noticed that I lost weight. One size per year. Just through renouncing on sugar and taking dry fruits instead. -- I started a new embroidery: "The path to the truth", as J named it.


christine said...

love the embroidery and the flowers are lovely.

I'd love to give up sugars and would love to hear what dry fruits you substituted...do you buy them or dry them yourslef?

Alba Trosse said...

Congratualtions...and a very happy return of the day!

Eva said...

christine, I buy them.

ArtSparker said...

Lovely post, I am so happy that your life is satisfying.

And your husband has good taste in flowers.


jude said...

it is nice to feel happy and nice to get flowers. now feel happy too. getting old can be a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I could give up sugar, no will power there yet.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Happy Birthday Eva.
Now we're in the same decade of our life.
Enjoy it as it will just get better.

Art4Sol said...

What a wonderful birthday! I'm glad that the dark curtain has lifted....you deserve to have peace.

Cecilia Levy said...

Congratulations Eva, what lovely flowers! Sounds wonderful the way you feel about your life right now.
Your new project looks very promising.

Gerry said...

Eva, congratulations on reaching SIXTY ! ! ! !
I love every b/d, I hit 69 at the end of '08, as I know you will.
Lovely flowers from a lovely hubby.
Your needlework is exquisite, as usual.
Enjoy your new year!

Diane said...

What a beautiful bouquet you received from your husband! Here's to you having a wonderful day and a bright future. New clothes always make me feel great, hope they do you too, the colors you picked out are yummi!

Rayna said...

Oh, dear, I have not caught up till 3 days later and I missed your big 6-0.
I see that it was happy and the flowers are beautiful! Wish I could lose weight -and I don't even eat sweets.

So glad you are in the best time of life; I expect having found your soul mate has something to do with it.
Wishing you a decade that gets better and better each day.