Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunshine and Rain

We had a very dry April, which is good for the blossoms, but a very cold time, too, which is bad for the insects. So the blossoms remained widely unvisited.

Left: Cherrytree in the country between Hamburg and Stade

If May will be more on the wet side, we have a hopeful outlook on harvest and fruits.

"When the May is cool and wet, peasants will get rich, you bet." (Ist der Mai kuehl und nass, fuellt dem Bauern Scheun' und Fass.)

"Ash trees green before the oak: You won't need your weather cloak.
But if oaks are first in green, rains will wash the country clean."
(Gruent die Esche vor der Eiche, gibt's die grosse Bleiche. Gruent die Eiche vor der Esche, gibt's die grosse Waesche)

This is a rough translation for 2 German weather proverbs. In this year, the Ash was first to open buds. --

Bats are flying in couples! When we were sitting on the balcony at dusk the other day, a couple of small bats were playing. They were chasing each other in daring manoeuvres for almost half an hour, up and down in our backyard.
Added one day later: The incredible beauty of the chestnut blossom. Yellow and pink on one stem!


Cynthia said...

We've had a very wet and snowy April, which is good for Colorado since our dry winter was making it very likely that we would have severe drought like conditions this summer.

I like your German proverbs ;) Reminds me of my step-mom...

I think we're going to Germany this summer for a visit - but she lives far from Hamburg - she's in a small village outside of Wurzburg

ArtSparker said...

Hope you have a wet May, then - we got August weather right after the rains, and the roses have bloomed and passed almost in an instant.

Rayna said...

eeewww -- bats? Scary.

Interesting weather proverbs - I wonder how valid they are in the long run. Beautiful blossoms - all of the chestnut trees in the U.S. were killed by some disease, although I remember our neighbors had a horse chestnut tree when I was a kid. Inedible.

Eva said...

The oak-and-ash proverb seems to work (in Europe?), I have observed it over the last 10 years. And the May rain rule is evident: It is the time of growth, but the plants are still delicate. "May rain brings blessing", we also say (Mairegen bringt Segen)