Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well -- experiments don't necessarily work

Print, paint, print. I made the cloth wet and painted with dye. The wet paint runs nicely into the free space between dried print. When this is dry, I'll print or stencil some more light paint on the dark parts. I could stencil some white paint which contains oil and get some batik-like effect... Estonian weaving and knitting typically showed stripes running through the pattern.
I'm not sure if I am so much into printing, but lino-cutting is fun. I should try more. Then I will love printing, too. -- Some artists find coincidence very helpful, I'm still not sure if I prefer serendipity or control.

Now I fixed it to the witch gown and quilted it. Forgot to iron it. Okay, it's not a teen football star's sportswear that needs to be washed every few days.


Diane said...

It looks lovely, goes so well with the writing above it. Looks like you had fun doing it. I have never really tried printing.

ArtSparker said...

Perhaps when you are finished you should photgraph the witch gown in the woods...Would be interesting the photograph it while the wind was blowing.

Eva said...

Great idea!

Judy said...

Oh, I love what you've done Eva!! The more I do this stuff, the more I realize that I really have no control...and then it really becomes fun!