Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring everywhere

Idyll on the balcony: The husband studying a big book on the Guggenheim, the wife starting a new embroidery. Self-woven cover on the chair.

Earlier today, we took a walk in our street and the region around our little lake. Zoom on the heron! A free living one, but never showed signs of fear.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Beautiful photographs Eva. I am amazed the heron did not fly off. We have one down by the river near our business, but I can never sneak up on him for a Photo. The blooms are so beautiful.

ArtSparker said...

Happy balconizing!

Eva said...

The heron was quite at a distance and somewhere at the creek where people don't go; I'm sure he knows. I got a good zoom!

Rayna said...

The husband is still cute - and I expect he knows he has been captivated by not a witch, but an enhantress. However, the Guggenheim looks like a big washing machine: not my favorite museum in NY. But de gustibus non disputandum est.

I LOVE your hidden stars of Bethlehem (they should write a song with that title). My Nanny (my mother's mother) worked with a palette limited by her leftover wool or leftover embroidery thread and was the most wonderful colorist I have ever known. You are quite right about the creativity that limits impose on us: I should try it!

Happy whatever-you-celebrate. I am off to the wilds of western Colorado and will take pix of the landscape.

Diane said...

Sounds like a wonderful day spent together. Those are the times well spent.

jude said...

looks like a nice relaxing day.