Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn pics until you get sick

Today, J signed his working contract. While he was in the office, I took a walk and shot a few pictures of the shrubs and hedges along the street. Isn't this a fall as all of them are? I don't know; maybe I just develop a sense of color, more than I did in the past years.
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ArtSparker said...

The Autumn pictures are delicious, and not at all too much.

Rayna said...

could never get sick of these beauties! But how come you have blue and purple leaves and we don't???
Hooray for Jens - send him my best wishes for a long and successful career with his new employer!

Eva said...

Rayna, the purple leaves probably reflect some of the sky light. I think this has to do with the color profile of my camera, a Panasonic. Also Sony seems to have this blue-orientation.

Diane said...

SO happy to hear of your husbands new job! Also nice to have a good car! Hope everything is well for you over there. I have spent this afternoon catching up with you :)

jude said...

beautiful, i can never get enough of this transition season.

Deborah said...

These pictures are all nice. I could never get sick of pictures of fall.

Anonymous said...

It's never, ever too much, Eva! Beautiful pictures, and I can easily see them as quilts you might create.

I don't know what this tree or bush is,


but we have it here in the woods.

And I have this tree in my back yard, or one with very similar leaves:


I haven't identified it yet. (Remember I lived in the sub-tropics all of my adult life until now. So I'm not up on my tree species just yet.)

These pictures and colors are spectacular. We had an unusually colorful fall here too, because of having good rains.