Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too difficult

This is the stash for my Bauhaus project. And yes, the dark grey jacket is part of it. There are a few moth holes in it, and we asked how much it would be to do invisible mending. It is half the price for a new suit.
But I find it so scaring to cut into it!
The rust red stuff is an old summer blouse of mine. The sewing is just out of this world. So bad. Just can't look at it. I did it 20 years ago.
Then there are two of J's shirts. Normal quilting cloth is a lot stronger than these fabrics. But I want to do a korak technique in which the pieces are laid double, so a thinner quality is better.
J had an interview in a very friendly atmospere, they want him, but cannot really offer him the right job at the moment. You know we don't have this hire-and-fire system, and that's good. But they want to give him something else instead which would mean: 1. unknown functional area, 2. more responsibility, 3. less money. I don't care about 3, but 1+2 make him scared. He told them, true to the facts, that he doesn't feel competent on this field, and they thanked him for his honesty.
They will call. We'll see what happens.


ArtSparker said...

Persistence seems needed at this time, it is good to wait for things to be right I think.

Deborah said...

Sending you best wishes on the employment front.

jude said...

this is the way life is.

Rayna said...

I know the right job will come along for J.It's out there and just hasn't found him yet.