Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something was missing

You remember how it all started? There was a small quilt that Jude started. I put some birds on it and used Indonesian pieces as clouds and water. I started with greens and blues and thought that this would do. But I'm quite a red person. More and more red birds turned up and set the quilt in motion. Birds come and go as they like to do; some shacks and houses formed around the edges of the quilt, but the birds preferred to move freely around in space, and so this big red bird has done. It appeared in the middle and the blue one seems to be following.
My husband and I are so different! Apart from the age gap (I'm 16 years older), he is a tidy, systematic, analytic person, and I am the chaotic one. He is an admirer of arts, I'm the artist. He is the calculating and planning person, I am the one who needs structure. He is the red bird of action, flying out into the world; I'm the blue dreamer who likes him to be the pacemaker.

Now something different: I started a print cloth with my little grim lino bears. It is cloth paint on cotton, and when I iron it, it can be washed warm. I will give it a little background washing when the bears are fixed by ironing.
I plan to do tiger cloth, too, and chicken cloth, salmon cloth and more. What do you think: Should I try an Etsy sale?


jude said...


Deborah said...

if you can part with it

ArtSparker said...

Thank you for that lovely story about the birds and the story of you and your husband.

Hmmm..might be interesting to have a tree print and combine the bears and tigers with trees? The bears are indeed grim.

Eva said...

No problem to part with something that can be reproduced any time!

Morna said...

I love your birds. :)