Monday, October 12, 2009

Our car knows where it is

The weather was so nice today, and we wanted to go for a walk. We took our dear old car to the gas station and a wash, but after leaving it, the car had serious problems. We thought it would just have to get dry and we would have to take a little ride and let the motor get warm. But the car went on strike right in front of a car trade and did not move one step further. J just got it out of the trafic safely.
I started laughing, it was irony! But J did not find that funny at all. Tomorrow, he will be going for a second talk with one of the companies he applied for, but he will not open the champagne bottle unless he signs a contract tomorrow.
Although this was an Opel car trade, the mechanics had a look into the motor, but did not know what to do. So we had to call the Volkswagen expert, and he found the reason for the breakdown and exchanged a spare part. We rode off happily after 2 hours, as the sun went down and it was getting really cold. So much about the walk.


ArtSparker said...

Little victories.

Hope you are drinking champagne tomorrow.

Margarita Korioth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today Eva. I stayed most of the time in Schleswig, where everybody greets with "moin" and like you said at any time of the day.
send you a hug from Florida,where we are having a very unusual hot weather.

Deb G said...

That's what I don't miss about car ownership. :)

Hope all goes well for J during his interview!

Pat said...

a little tale about life and best laid plans and all that.....sorry the car spoiled your walk. good luck to J for his interview.