Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cursed Beer

In German, the name of the beer is completely harmless.
Yet the brewery had problems to trade their beer under the chosen name... more


Diane said...

that made me giggle =D

Melody Johnson said...

Is this an April Fool's tale?

Angela Recada said...

Jaaaa, I heard of this city before!
And if the local brewery chooses to brew a light beer, is it their fault that the name of their city is a very improper word in English?

Very funny!

April! April!
Frohe Ostern,
und viele liebe Grüße,

jude said...

what is that marvelous cloth you are wrapped in?

Eva said...

jude, it is an Indonesian rayon sarong.

... I lost some weight since the photo was made (2005).

Eva said...

Melody, the story is true. Just suits the date, I guess.

Judy said...

Very funny! I love it!!

Happy April Fools to you My Dear!

John hopper said...

Thanks very much for the great story. That's definitely a beer that I would like to see in my local supermarket.