Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Project

I've been doodling a little with my fabric design. This is not an overall pattern yet. It was inspired by one of the Indonesian batiks that Wanda showed on her blog. I did not quite hit the style -- I painted this one merely from vision. It turned out more like Bavarian folk art. And it is not yet a pattern that would look good on larger spaces. I have to work on it. I know how to create a seamless pattern repeat, but haven't handpainted any yet. I did it on some other designs, but these were created on the computer. I guess I'll try a few more and have them printed (expensive, if you ask me!).


Deborah said...

They are all beautiful designs but I particularly love this blue one!

Esther said...

It looks beautiful!
Can't wait to see pattern repeat...your creativity is wonderful.
love esther