Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nature teaches Mankind

How proud we are of civilisation and on being able to get just anywhere in hours. At the moment, Europe is on a speed level of 50 years back. Our chanceler Angie Merkel went through an odyssee on her way back from the USA. Our defence minister, smart Guttie, had to take a train over the Balkan back to Berlin, and the Polish buried their president with a reduced list of guests. And also the Danish Queen's birthday was spoiled.
On Friday, I took this photo on the way back from a Turkish restaurant in walking distance from our home. We had an excellent meal, I had a lamb dish with aubergine from the oven with potatoes and Turkish bread and tea. So tasty! Not fat at all, which is rare in Turkish cooking. J had kebabs with rice.
The clouds in the picture might be a little volcano dust, because they seem heavy and do not let the light shine through.

On Saturday, J planted my little trees. I had chopped a branch from a poplar in order to get young trees to plant them where the big poplars had been chopped down. I kept my branch pieces in water to see if they were vital enough to green, and they did. Now J put them into earth, and I'll have to water them often and I hope they will root.
I chose a sort that will be very nice in autumn.
The disgusting things in the cup are budding acorns. I think of planting oaks, too.


ArtSparker said...

That is so wonderful, your baby trees, and subversive too. Maybe I will do an update on the one which is still growing between the sidewalk and the street, where it is not supposed to be.

Deborah said...

Both are nice photos but I particularly like the one of the sky. I hope your little trees grow well.

Chris Gray said...

I'm so glad you got some cuttings of those trees Eva. They'll love being in your environment I'm sure!

I'll be outside potting up my little plants tomorrow...only herbs though :-)

Judy said...

Isn't Mother Nature amazing: she can stop man...and we all thought we were so smart! LOL

your Turkish dinner sounds delightful and reminds me that I haven't had dinner yet!


Judy said...

.........and yes, you did fix the comment section: thank you very much!