Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slow Europe

Gouache painting of the Iceland volcano, gouache ornament, computer graphics.
The volcano has prevented almost all flights in Europe during the weekend and Monday.
15.000 travellers got stuck on holiday islands with no chance to go home.
My Spoonflower prints haven't arrived yet; certainly it is because of the flight traffic restrictions at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I clicked on your blog and immediately felt what seemed like a chill run through my body. I saw the symbol and the letterings and thought....no, you didn't!

Anyways, still don't like it.

As to the weather, it's either benzin smog or volcanic dust, isn't it?!? I am think the latter has given us a well deserved reprieve from the 'smog'.

Fiona said...

Fantastic! Love it!

ArtSparker said...

Whoah, I didn't know you did editorial...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

eva...Kandinsky...inner necessity
when you feel like it, would you say more?
as in, where did you read this?
inner necessity
like those words a lot
thanks, grace

Anonymous said...

The term "inner necessity" was used by Kandinsky in his essay "Concerning the Spiritual In Art" (1910). He did not invent it, but used it in a more total way than the inventor K. Fiedler.

Rayna said...

Ditto on the font, which is all too reminiscent of Germany's past. I find it very upsetting.

Mo'a said...

I am from Iceland...I live in the US now. This has a very Icelandic feel to it.
Perhaps I don't understand but I don't find the font upsetting...I find it familiar and very Icelandic.