Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too many details?

This time, I painted a large panel. I wanted it to be full of details like those Indonesian fabrics. This one is not so easily made into an overall pattern, but maybe doesn't have to. It took me a few hours to paint this one, and although it doesn't seem so, it consists of a six tone palette. I'm using the same colors on a number of patterns. The fish motif is another in the line, just as the first floral panel.
The other one is work in progress. This one is more grandfoulardic.


Exuberant Color said...

I am a fan of filled in backgrounds in the style you have done here.

Judy said...

I love the detail on this piece.
I am having trouble leaving comments on your blog...the first time around, blogger always comes back with a message that there has been a failure and I have to repost my comment. It also won't show my particular Google Account when I begin to leave the comment. I've grown so weary of all of this nonsense, that I now copy my comment before I press the 'post comment' button, so that I don't have to rewrite the comment......does any of this make any sense? does anyone else have this problem?


p.s. it happened again this time
blogger's message to me is that he is unable to complete my request (as in post my comment). it is truly a pain!!

ArtSparker said...

I like the dynamism of the design, feeling that the pink/coral may attract more than its share of the attention. I love the two-tone blooms.

Kaylyn said...

Eva, what are you painting with? Guauche? Acrylic? I think you are a much more patient and disciplined person than I. The detail is amazing.

Judy, I have had lots of comments eaten lately and people are saying the same happens sometimes on my site. Comment eater bugs?

Clare Wassermann said...


Eva said...

I paint with gouache, preferably of an English brand.

Kaylyn said...

Oh, Gouache, and you even spell it correctly!!