Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The place

This is the place where I work. It is small.
The remote is for the radio+cd player.
Today, I painted another design for a print. For copyright reasons, I did not copy a painting, but created one in Kandinsky's style. My husband J is a Kandinsky enthusiast. I'll have this printed for him as a tablecloth.
J is not yet satisfied with the composition. I'll have to work more on it.
Funny, J is the one who cares about household and decoration. Although I am an artist (I was told), I often don't have an eye for the things surrounding me. On the other hand, it is nice to work with beautiful things like the brush cup or the small paint bowls I bought as a student.


Judy said...

I am like you: sometimes I barely notice my surroundings (I am trying harder to be more careful with my home decorating, but it is not that important to me!), but I love my dear tools!
I loved seeing your work space.


jude said...

this is so cozy.

Chris Gray said...

..I can imagine how it feels to be working there....snug :-)

...and I see quilts happening from that painting..

Rayna said...

Your small space is a gem, as is your work. And your beautiful things ARE part of your surroundings - just a close and intimate part.

Deborah said...

I love seeing your work space! Your fabric designs are wonderful!