Friday, February 13, 2009

About Magic

The project I started yesterday is about magic. But it is another research. I do not identify with this kind of magic, I don't conjure it, instead, I mirror it or inquire about it. 30 years ago, I was extremely interested in magic; I once took part in a divination, but to a greater extent, I performed a subconscious kind of love magic without using spells, joining a group or performing rituals. Yet, I was entangled into kind of active enchantment of lovers.
When I was 30, I had enough of the slightly paranoid, highly supersticious state of mind I was livin in. Moreover, it was not successful. I started meditation, then Zen, and about a year later converted to Buddhism. I deliberately ran down my magic state of mind and worked on creating a mind of understanding, compassion, and a non-magic eye level contact to other beings. I don't know how far I have succeded, but I'm working on it.
Now I find it harmless and interesting to research on the mechanics of magic. I've come a long way. Now I see even white magic as a trap that ties me to desire. Not to speak of black magic.

Later. (Musing: No comments yet...) Do you think this is an offensive subject?


carol said...

Hi Eva,
We are of the same age, artistic and open minded. There are a lot of things that are offensive in this world of ours, I only wish a little magic could fix it! I visit a shop in the next town where I buy gem stones and jewelry and get good info on herbs.
Your site is interesting, I especially like looking at the pictures your father took when he was here in the States. I grew up in Brooklyn, and the site of those old cars made me think of how bad they smelled of gasolene back

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I do not find it offensive Eva. It only intrigues me as you seem to have lived a very colorful life. I enjoy reading what your thoughts are and where they come from.

Rayna said...

Offensive? Not at all. I just wonder who you were in a previous life (or lives, as the case may be).
No doubt just as interesting! I was French.

Eva said...

Thank you! I think, East Asia is my mental offspring.
Probably this will be a research on symbols in general.

Deb G said...

No, not offensive, at least not to me. Magic is an interesting topic, one that can be defined in many ways. It is a controversial topic though.

jude said...

no way.