Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Entry in Etsy

Biscornu is finished.
The difference from others is the fully embroidered surface, not only parts of it.


Carmen Rose said...

I had to look up a biscornu because I'd never seen one before. This is such an interesting idea, I might have to try it myself.


Eva said...

Thank you for this link! All we wanted to know about these little creatures.

jude said...

i just looked it up too! what if it eas much larger, a great pillow or hassock even....love the shape. and very industrious stitching!

Eva said...

The bigger the object, the more important is a strong seam, I guess! There are big cushions to put bronze gong bowls onto. They are sewn out of 12 pieces.
It might be a good idea to use this principle for bigger cushions.

Emmy said...

I have just dicoverd this biscornu and so love it made one to but love yours