Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine!

This is my Valentine for my readers! Have a very happy day and weekend.
My husband and I will enjoy this evening in cinema. And we have made a "contract". We used to have the Saturday as our shopping and cleaning day. One day, J. noticed that I was constantly weak on Saturdays and needed a rest, and he said, oh, yes, we can't go shopping, it is your weak day again." I hadn't noticed this before, but since he said that, I have been observing. Now that he is gone during the week, I started doing the cleaning and shopping on Friday, and I feel much better about it. Isn't it funny? I believe that it is natural law to rest on Saturdays. That's why I decided to keep to this habit in the future. And he will support me on Saturday, cook and do part of the shopping.

My valentine for my sweetheart husband is a pillow top (or whatever) that he asked me to do months ago; It is a painting by the German Bauhaus artist Josef Albers. I was hesitating, because I thought it would not be creative to do something that someone else had painted. But I found out that this combination of colours works well, and here is the result after less than 2 hours of work.

Until now, I have made a rule for myself that I would stick to the genuine purpose of a thing. If something is made out of fibers, I want to use it as a fiber thing, as a pillow, quilt, or clothing; I did not like the thought of putting an embroidery behind glass, unless it is more than 150 years old and in some way remarkable. I wonder if I can stick to this principle.
The wren has just done his daily inspection of our balcony. I took a bad picture from the shelter, but did not want to frighten this little chick and maybe interrupt his mission. Lovely!


Alba Trosse said...

Hallo Eva...irgendwann bin ich fällig für diesen StickZustand! Das ist Animation pur...ich muss mich nur noch von einer meiner Aktivitäten trennen...aber dann! LG - Claudia

Judy said...

That will make a lovely pillow for J! I agree about the Saturday 'rest' day, and just this morning declined to take the hour-long walk with Craig and Barker on the golf course! LOL Are your flowers Agapanthus? They are lovely!!

Happy Valentines back to you!

Eva said...

I just looked them up, yes, Agapanthus. I German, we call them "Love Flowers".

Deb G said...

I make one day every weekend be my "go nowhere day". It really helps me balance my life.

ArtSparker said...

Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, of course. The blue, black and white piece is wonderful. And the wren is wonderful...I think there is something reassuring, especially now, about the natural world pursuing its routines without regard for the state of the economy.

Rayna said...

Very interesting about Saturdays, Eva. It is normally our errand day but today we went to the movies. Tomorrow, the supermarket. Your pillow will probably take you longer to do than the painting took Albers.
But it is a wonderful design. Glad you had a good day.