Sunday, May 24, 2009

All you can eat

Okay, I can accept avocado in the sushi, but remolade goes a bit far. Yet there was enough to satisfy any taste, also classic sushi and warm dishes in Asian style. It was an "all-you-can-eat"-restaurant in the center of Hamburg. J's cousin H and his Japanese wife H had come over from Berlin; they are standing in front of the restaurant. I took this picture after the meal. We did not get seduced, just took what we needed.

After the meal, we took a stroll down to the Alster banks in front of our town hall and saw how the swans, geese and ducks where being fed and gulls and doves snatched their share. Two gulls were fighting about bread, and the left one won. This gull did not mind digestion problems. Greedy bird!

We did some window-shopping in the "Colonnaden", I saw a quilt from India for 290 Euros/406 $ which I think is a bit much!

Then we had coffee and decided to get cinema tickets and take a walk in the park until the movie started, but this was prevented by a rain shower.

Okay, we went right into the cinema; we saw Star Trek, and the boys were enthusiastic.

We spent the Saturday with our Cousin and his wife at my parents in law in the garden and veranda.


ArtSparker said...

What a lovely day, walking and talking with friends. I am keeping star trek in reserve, if it acutally starts raining here I may go.

Deb G said...

Gulls are such funny birds sometimes!

Diane said...

Looks like you had a lovely time :) Ah, I love sushi...

Rayna said...

Of course, avocado in the sushi - eel and avocado is one of my favorites! But I agree -- remoulade??? Weird.
Looks like you spent another happy, interesting day - except for Star Trek, which would not be my cup of tea. And the quilt from India is gorgeous!! I have never seen a quilt from India. I am glad to be catching up with you again.