Friday, May 15, 2009

Super frame, stronger than me

Wow, this embroidery frame has power. It was easily adjusted, and now has such a firm grip on my embroidery that I wonder how I will be able to remove it. Before there was the cloth between the tubes and the clip, I was able to push the clip down from the tube with some effort. But now... I guess I'll cut it out and order another frame.
However: It's great to work with! It holds the cloth so firmly and you don't have to readjust the tension. I have some wooden hoops which have the disadvantage that when the embroidery is close to being finished, some finished parts get squashed between the hoops and remain distorted sometimes.
Yes, and this is how far I got in the meantime.
And the new Depeche Mode album is rotating in the player. We love it.


ArtSparker said...

I like the second layer...the combination of strict order and irregularity is quite amusing and confusing at the same time.

Judy said...

I used to do a lot of needlework and found that a good and tight frame was essential to my happiness. This piece is really nice Eva.


Diane said...

What kind of frame was that? I really would like to get a frame attached to a stand. I've found that my wrists can hardly even stand holding a small frame anymore and I think thats my only solution. YOur piece is looking gorgeous. Really liking the color play!

Eva said...

Diane, if you click the title of this post, you see a picture and name of the frame. It is from Belgium, I read. It is a little heavier than my wooden hoops! But I let it rest on the edge of the table.

Doina said...


Rayna said...

I never could use an embroidery hoop (or quilting hoop, for that matter) because I could never get close enough to where I was working. I LOVE your carnations!!