Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blueprint or Redwork?

Not too much time to carry on with my printing project. I was helping my husband to look for a new job. He will have to find one until September, or we have to go to Munich. They desperately want him there, but the perspective is not sure. They are not planning longer than about half a year, then we'll see what happens.
I will not be a grass widow again! And he doesn't want that either. That's why we went to see places where he might apply, and the good thing: We can walk right in and see if it is a good place. His job now is customers' complaints and logistics. He doesn't see himself as a salesman, although he did this for years in the past, but he is very good at negociating in cases of conflict, so he is perfectly right for the complaints departement.

Tried letter print in blue. I wanted to make a red piece, and also tried black with colours, but the blue is nicer. I feel more inclined to do this.


Judy said...

Good Morning Eva!
So sorry to hear about your husband's job. What is a 'grass widow'? That term is new to me.
I love your new stamps! ;-)
I hope things will turn out alright for you both.


Eva said...

Oh. A grass widow (in German "Strohwitwe") is a wife who is left alone for a long time. It was in the dictionary. Maybe not used in America?

Bag Lady said...

Stamps are fabulous! Thank you, regards.

Judy said...

no, I've never heard that term before, but thank you for explaining it! Oh, I hope that doesn't happen to you!

I like Munich, don't you? I've had some pleasant times there.


Diane said...

It's probably just a term that has fallen out of use. It did sound familiar to me but I wasn't exactly sure of the meaning. My mother was raised in the back country and was given to use many older terms that arent used anymore. I often find myself having to explain them. LOL!
I wish your husband well with his job prospects and I hope that you find a good place to settle.
Looks like you are progressing well with your stamping. Good luck with it :)

Rayna said...

yes, I know the term "grass widow" and knew exactly what you meant. I must be showing my age - LOL. It was a term used when men went off to sea for a long time, I think.

Losing a job is the pits. Keeping fingers x'd J. finds something good where you are. Complaints dep't? I should be married to such a person, who would probably have his hands full with work at home!

Eva said...

LOL! We're looking forward to your complaints. You're welcome!