Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bleah-day and a bright ray of light

My attorney rang me today to tell me what the judge decided on my case. To make a long story even longer: I worked, I did not get payed, I let my demand be confirmed by law. I got the sum; the customer went to court and she invented demands in return, in order to get this money back. The judge was too old to understand what a web designer does, and decided that both of us were wrong and share the cost. Okay, he did not yield to my customer's demand which would have been a lot worse, but in addition to loosing my fee, I have to pay a few hundred extra $. I was a little upset, but my husband said, he's glad it's over after 3 years of agony. It's just money, it can be replaced.
On the other hand: Martha Marshall was so kind to feature my embroidery on her treasured items' list in Etsy. Thank you, Martha!


ArtSparker said...

Oh, sorry to hear about this. The web is relatively new and so much like the Wild West still. Hope your present clients are more respectful.

Wie sagt Mann "Bleah" auf Deutsch?

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your husband is right. You have to move forward and try to forget about this person and use the experience as a learning curve. Maybe a better written contract or money up front would prevent this from happening again?

Congratulations on your treasured items rating on Etsy!

Carol H said...

Gee Eva, I'm going through the same thing, only with the small claims courts here it wont take 3 years and no lawyer is needed. We plan on doing things differently from now on, like having people sign work sheets etc. I like watching your work in progress.


Eva said...

Good luck to you -- or, rather: justice! Many of us seem to have payed the same -- as we call it in German -- "lesson fee".

Diane said...

Too many people out there expect much for nothing. I'm sorry you had to run into one. My experiences with the legal world left me feeling small and vulnerable. YOu go in feeling outrage at the injustice...and you come out wondering what the meaning of justice is. So glad it was only a small matter Eva, now you can just put it all behind you! Gratz on your item being in the collection on Etsy!

Judy said...

What a bummer for you about your court case! Perhaps the judge should have handed the case over to a younger colleague who would have understood your line of work?
Congrats on your Etsy notoriety! WooHoo!