Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A basket full of Diskettes...

My technical museum is being renovated. That's what keeps me from making art at the moment. I opened all these disks, my old archive (I deeply dislike cds, they are an evironmental pest) had to be given up, my new computer doesn't have a disk drive, of course. However I used to be very fond of this medium. In 1988 when I started working with it, it was a very practical and sufficient store medium. A number of boxes waited to be revisited. I had to look what is inside and save it to a modern stick. It contains my collection of vector graphic decoration which I created in the 90s. I made drawings like this by the dozen and sometimes used them, sometimes just made them for pleasure. I stored them and other things like business letters and my first digital photos on these diskettes. The complete collection of data is on this small stick now. Almost weird.
And it is not environment-friendly to dump all these diskettes. I had to break them to make sure they will not be read again. At least I will take them to a place where they will be recycled properly.

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Judy said...

it seems that almost everything produced these days is not biodegradable. Very frustrating!