Monday, August 23, 2010


The heavenly dragons are drifting east after sunset. The same color dominates on a fabric I designed and ordered from Spoonflower. As it is a lighter weight, I prepare it for being a cushion top by quilting the surface with a shining Turkish nylon thread on top of a supporting cloth.


Karin på FOX said...

I like Your dragons. The shining thread makes it look like they are taking a shower or are dancing in a light rain.

Dori said...

Eva - The shapes of these dragons are so beautiful. Poetic really. It took many minutes of looking at them before I could take my eyes away.

Yael said...

What a beautiful sky - WOW! I hope readers will zoom in to really see how marvelous this photo is!
And the dragons? Like everything you create Eva-Maria - STUNNING!!

Eva said...

Actually the shape of these dragons has its origin on an antique Chinese bronze vessel.

Judy said...

love those legs on the dragons!
beautiful fabric