Sunday, August 29, 2010

Buddhas in Exile

Why are my statues waiting out on the balcony? Together with banal things like a clothes hanging rack? It's because their shrine is being exchanged. A new one is being built up by my dear husband. What would I do without him? He should be able to build up a furniture like this, because his job is customer service in a furniture store. -- Last night we were on a party, seeing dear friends. There were so many people with at least 30 kids. It was an outdoor party at 55° F. There was a tent with a gas heater, but this tent was open at 3 sides, so our legs got a little cold. But later, the host made a fire in a steel basket, so we stood around the fire like homeless people around an old gas barrel. The food was delicious, the musik was too loud to have a conversation, so some people had fun. I enjoyed most of all sitting near the fire. Until his morning we smelled like charcoal burners.
Here is the built-up "shrine" in the shop:

And the finished setup on Sunday afternoon.


jude said...

nothing like a handy man!

Deborah said...

there is something about sitting around a fire

Yael said...

Sehr schoen ist das geworden Eva!!!!!

Chris Gray said...

I love you new shrine Eva. ...and those thankas are beautiful. It will all bring you peace and tranquility.