Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dim Turtle

What if I let the other creatures appear as very dim silhouettes or just outlines? True, as Susan said in her comment, it would not be bad to let the feature of the tatzelwurm be more or less undisturbed. I'll try to surround him by fish and turtles in very subdued, light shades, maybe just white, or mere outline -- I have to try what works best. Your opinion is welcome.
Today, my new computer arrived. My friend Anna who is very experienced with building up configurations will help me to reconnect. So hopefully I won't be offline for too long!
Wonder why all the computers are black nowadays. That old grey wasn't beautiful either; but entirely black... why not blue, pink or green? Yes, light green should be prescribed for offices.
See ya!

Update: Ha! I'm back. On a new computer. The old one was 10 years old. Tantalizing slowness!

1 comment:

Yael said...

I like it the way you started it! It will be beautiful, bold and colorful!
And - ausserdem - you can always make another one with the lighter shades!!! Eine Taztelwurmserie vielleicht?