Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Port

Saturday night after the movies ("Inception" with L. de Caprio. Fascinating. What do you think?) we took a walk to the harbour which was looking quite different from normal, due to the "Cruise Days" and the art project "Blue Port". The above pic was taken at 8 sec shutter speed.
The artist had started with the project "Blue Goals" during the World Championship in 2006, set up on the lake Alster and on many buildings in the city. This was welcomed by the public with enthusiasm, so he was invited to do more light projects like the 1st "Blue Port" in 2008, not yet as embracing as this year.
We walked around until 2 am, had a drink at the pier and enjoyed the view.
Below: The same view at daylight.


Rayna said...

Dynamite photos, Eva! This is absolutely breathtaking - thanks for the view.

Deborah said...

Wonderful photos. I can imagine a quilt inspired by the first one.

Judy said...

You and J must have had a ball walking around and taking in the sights! I just love all of the color!!!! Haven't seen the movie yet, but friends who have, gave rave reviews!


ma thet zin said...

Very nice