Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long Silence

So many boring things to be done and nothing to be shown! I cleared some mess in my studio, not a job to say much about. We went out to buy a printer, a black&white laser printer; you might wonder why an artist doesn't have a color printer--it is too tempting. I would print out things I don't really need, and with a shock realize that another set of inks has to be purchased...
My old printer was 14 years old, still working, but not properly. He wasn't able to draw single pages from the paper tray. If I gave him 20 sheets, he would munch them all at a time, choke and collapse. And he isn't compatible with my new computer, of course. He was a brave quality printer that cost 600 $ when he was new. Rest in pieces.
It is midnight, we just watched a DVD, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Now, a very tired husband is having a nap on the sofa.


ArtSparker said...

I got so damn irritated with the characters in that film, I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing.

Cranky? Me?

Judy said...

So, what did you think of the flick: Savannah, GA, you know!
Loved your 'rest in pieces'!!! You are so wise!!


Rayna said...

I read the book and quite liked it; didn't feel the need to see the film, which I hear was not nearly as good as the book.

Enjoy your new printer; it is unlikely to last 14 years the way they make them these days.