Friday, December 19, 2008

For all who celebrate...

This is my Chanukah greeting card for my friend W. from Vienna who is spending a few weeks near Hamburg for family reasons. His parents are old and are losing memory and have to be taken care of. So he is doing a hard job preparing the house for sale. It is a huge house with thousands of items to make decisions on. I'm one of the persons he meets to get distracted from this job. And I painted this last night. It is gouache on black paper.
This afternoon I'll meet him. I'm looking forward to that. We'll be having a good laugh together, I'm sure.


Art4Sol said...

It's a beautiful star...very vibrant...I'm sure he'll love it.
Happy Holidays.

Judy said...

Very lovely! I was afraid you were going to say that it was fabric and you had just made it the night before! LOL

Hope you enjoyed a great lunch!


Eva said...

No, I don't walk on water.

Rayna said...

Like Judy, I thought at first it was cloth. Yes, vibrant! Just right for the holiday, Eva.

We're just hoping it doesn't snow again on Sunday and ruin plans to go to my daughter's to have latkes and give the grands their gifts. A children's holiday.

ArtSparker said...

That is beautiful, it is prismatic. A lot of little flames united.