Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not planned

When it is warm and cozy in the fridge, something must be wrong with the old box. It is 24 years old, after all. Steak, soy milk and veggies -- quick! Out on the balcony in a plastic basket. Then I set about ordering a new fridge on the internet. We chose one at a decent price with high energy saving quality. No idea, how much the old one has wasted.
But the fridge must have heard our conversation. When my husband kicked it, the machine started again. I wonder how long it will hold on. And we are lucky that temps are around zero Celsius. The new fridge is coming on Friday.


Judy said...

How cooperative, that your old model should give you a reprieve before its replacement arrives!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Yes, a good kick or moving it works better than calling the repairman!
We had one that gave out (or so we thought) and I used that as an excuse to buy a new one in a prettier color.
We moved the old one to a rental house we just bought. It must have liked that place better as it continued to run just fine when we plugged it in for well over 10 more years!

Rayna said...

Our old one (came with this house) was terrible - everything rotted because there was too much moisture.
When we finally redid the kitchen and got a new fridge it has been like paradise! My vegetables actually stay fresh.