Friday, December 26, 2008

A walk in fresh air

Second Christmas day, around noon. A beautiful blue sky, as we haven't seen it for a long time. We take a walk around the little lake near our home. Frost has covered the lake with a thin layer of ice. A jay is our guardian on the path. Frosty moss on a stone looks like green candy. People jog or walk.

This is where we live: In the house on the left side of the bridge.
Neigbours have put a huge inflated Santa on their balcony, together with a poster on which they wish a Merry Christmas to themselves.

Father in law got infected with flu by Mother in law. Husband has to stay healthy, or the company will collapse. So we won't be going to Stade too soon. When will I see our Dad&Mom darlings?


Art4Sol said...

I'm envious of the sunshine...we're getting even more snow...hope you're enjoying the holidays...Darlene

jude said...

loved you little watercolor and hope all gets better for the folks. just stopping in before switching off completely for a while. may the new year bring happiness to you and your family. and send some sun over here will you?

Rayna said...

Oops - I meant to comment yesterday about these beautiful photos. How lovely to have clear weather. Our snow is melting and today it is unseasonably warm.

Hope your in-laws get over their flu and are better before the New Year rolls in.

If your eyes are good enough to read the colours on those boxes, I'll eat my hat - LOL. Off to start my Sunday with good, strong, coffee!