Sunday, December 21, 2008

The same procedure as last year

In my German blog I wrote one year ago: Is it Christmas, or is the last boat starting from Zoppot?
Is it 1945, and the Red Army coming nearer?
People are concentrating on this deadline, as if it was a question of life or death. They are under stress, and they demand from my husband to make the furniture delivery possible before Christmas. Later is too late. It's all lost. They behave as if this was the end of the world. My man is working so hard that he is under stress even during the weekend. "Let go", I say, "we can do this later... No. He gets affected by this atmosphere. This is against the spirit of all celebration, whether you call it solistice, Chanukah or Christmas.
Breathe deeply, people. Remember you can make presents even after Christmas.

By the way. When I was corresponding with one of my American blog friends, we were talking about European history. I mentioned the history of my family which is rather interesting, and so I decided to make a little website out of photos and notes that my mother left behind when she died in November 2001. She was born in Tallinn (pic) and came to Germany in 1939. I translated 11 pages into English today.

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Cynthia said...

It sounds like you have an interesting family history! My German step mom has told me stories from WWII Germany and it's frightening...

Happy Holidays!