Friday, January 2, 2009

Continued report from the Countryside

The New Years Eve Party
There was a raclette (a table grill with tiny pans in which each guest can fry his own veggie-and-cheese snacks and roast his piece of bread etc.) and a fondue and blue plates put up in the dining room and a table with red plates for steaks and chicken joints in the living room. The guests found the rules a little puzzling. "Why not chicken on the blue plates?" -- "And what do you do if you want to have a steak with a cream sauce?" -- "There will be no steak with a cream sauce, dear. You shall not boil a young goat in its mother's milk." He raised his eyebrows. I thought, any Christian who reads the Bible should know. Why did Luther bother to translate the whole stuff? This is Germany.
It was great to see our friends, though. We had a guest room of our own in this large house, were put up very comfortably, had breakfast together until early afternoon and then rode a few villages on to my brother's place.
Dropping in at my Brother's

My brother and my sister in law live in a very nice place in the Luneburger Heide which looks different from what is being sold as Luneburger Heide on tourist pictures. Only very few spots are covered with purple blossoms in summer. In most places it is just a beautiful rural landscape with forests, fields, and pastures. They were surprised but happy to see us, as we were happy to see them.

In the garden, there was so much bird life! I took a few pictures in very poor light.

Two Great Tits fighting for a place at the peanut bag

A Red Robin on the frosty grass

My brother's family live in a renovated farm house. He just made a beautiful little living room. He laid the floor, installed a new glass door which now allows to step out to the terrace. He did the wall paper and painting. He is a house husband, his wife is a teacher; all the children are grown up. One son is a camera operator who will be working for NDR (North German Broadcasting) in Alaska during the Iditarod racing. --

What I found: A long forgotten pieced pillow top I made 20 years ago for my mom. No idea about quilting at that time!

This morning, our new fridge arrived. No more keeping the cheese on the balcony!


Diane said...

I am finally home too! It has been two weeks and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sleep in my own bed! We also had raclette for the holidays although I must say...I don't think I will want it again any time soon. My MIL bought a ton of lunchmeats and cheese for the raclette machine and we had raclette at least four times in the last week. Too much of a good thing! Hope you have a great rest of the week. I am in heaven back among my materials and threads ^_^

Judy said...

Love all of your photos. The countryside looks so lovely, and your brother did a wonderful job redecorating and painting. The colors in your pillowtop are stunning.


Eva said...

Thank you, Judy! The work itself is very simple and not exact at all! I know. It just surprised me to be confronted with the forgotten thing.