Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flying Carpet

New possibilities. Overcoming gravity. Spreading the coloured message into the dark clouds. All colours united in a quilt of harmony.
Gouache on paper, 5,2x5,5"

I guess I could use a flying carpet soon. We just learnt that my husband will have to work in a 3 hours distance from home for at least 3 weeks, taking care of company trainees and teaching them all they have to know for this complicated job. Like before we started living together, it will be a weekend relationship with long phone calls.


Judy said...

Sometimes I think the 'separation' is very healthy for a marriage. If you need a man 24/7....I'll arrange for mine to spend some time with you!! LOL
Seriously though, that is another wonderful piece, and I love your message!


Judy said...

You have another new picture!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Eva said...

Judy, think it over about giving your man away, he seems to be quite a valuable piece! Okay, so is mine.

jude said...

love the drapeand motion of this one.

ArtSparker said...

It looks as if it is being carried on the water.

Oh! you posted the badge! Cool.