Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fusing is great

Today I tried the fusing method. Very helpful! Melody gives so much advice on her blog how to do these things. I cannot look back on years of quilting experience, as many of you can. To you, this must be looking like a kid's work. But this is how I feel: Playful and full of joy about my experiments. I put it out on the corridor to take the photo. I'm doing all the quilting by hand, because Joseph's sister did not have a sewing machine. Well, she did not have Wonder Under either.


Rayna said...

Well, you have to make SOME use of modern conveniences. Joseph would probably have been fine with it.
It's coming along beautifully...and there's nothing like feeling joy in

Art4Sol said...

It's Joseph's coat made in a new era with modern want to finish it in this life time, right? So you make concessions. It will be beautiful.

Judy said...

Looks marvelous!

Diane said...

This is just beautiful. New experiences are what gives us life. Never be afraid to wonder out into the unknown. It's amazing what you can find there ^_^

Melody said...

I am soooo proud! A new fuser is born.