Thursday, January 1, 2009

Back from the Countryside

The party was great, met some very dear friends, hat a raclette, and nobody wanted my salad, we ate it all alone, my husband politely tried, and I had most of it. On the way back we dropped by at my brother's house; it was so nice, we had coffee, also his younger daughter was there. I wanted to show my blog to my sister in law, but she wasn't interested. Pictures tomorrow! We're going to bed, we're finished.


jude said...

whew! rest now

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Your sister in law might not be interested in your blog, but I am!

Rayna said...

That's all right - my family doesn't read my blog, either. Just as well.

Judy said...

no: my family feels very self-righteous in that they do not read my blog! My dh brags that he has NEVER read it! They don't know what they're missing, do they! LOL

I would have loved your salad!


Eva said...

Thank you, Rayna! I wanted to express the ambiguity of being a little dissappointed and accepting this as an every day thing. Other artists experience that, too. Although these pieces of art are your heartfelt expression, they are ignored by the dear ones. Okay. That's as it is. This makes me grateful for every word of acknoledgement from other artists, just as critical judgements.