Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eye and Star

New patches on the colourful coat. I don't know what these hieroglyphs say when combined, I just looked up the single meaning of the signs. A well; crying; a captive; take away; Egypt; grain.
And there is the delicate symbol through which I mean to say: We have betrayed our brothers so many times. "Sold down the river."

The gaps between the patches will be filled with smaller scraps or with wool embroidery.
The acrylic paint makes it rather stiff, and it is not easy to push the needle through. But I insist on hand quilting. Joseph's sister did not have a sewing machine.
And I insisted on using materials I already have in store, not to buy anything for the project, no dyes either. Anyway the stuff you can buy in Germany is desperate.
I don't find the coat "beautiful", I just want the spectator to start imagining. It is to be an album of memories and visions. The sleeves have to be done, then I will put it up with spread arms on a stick that will hang from transparent strings -- in case it will be in an exhibition some day.

This was me during my first marriage 1994.


Art4Sol said...

Is the foundation already shaped like a coat...hard to tell...but I'm liking it....especially the "all seeing eye". You've been so busy!

Eva said...

The foundation is a fake-coat, made of a pair of old trousers. In my older posts in this blog, you can find it in my posting from Nov. 22nd, 2008. The base was prolonged with further pieces. The pockets remain open, it makes quilting in the middle a little easier!

Rayna said...

You are so elegant,you look like a countess.