Friday, January 16, 2009

Young goats and a puddle of blood

Joseph's brothers took the blood-stained coat back as an evicence of his death. They killed a young goat for the purpose. Here, the chosen goat rests by a water with a weird colour, taken from a fabric in Japanese style.
I cut a paper stencil for the goat and tried to transfer acrylic paint on the cloth. That was not all that satisfying. So I cut out another silhouette and fused it to the red background. This cloth turned out to be very fringy, even when fused. So the result is not quite what I wanted it to be.

This morning, my little parcel came, containing my Windsor & Newton Gouaches. And the bill. 42 Euro = about 56 $. Outch. But the pink and purple are very close to the desired shades. And there is gold, a beautiful spring green, deep cool blue, black, red. Another boxing day!
I'll start saving from now on. Because my mind is eased.

Olive tree from Tuscany, I took this picture in 2002 in Pieve d'Elici near Lucca. Hello, Darlene, this one is for you!


Paula Hewitt said...

i like the goats - from a distance you cant see the fringe-ing.(that is not a word!) glad you found some paints to suit - but the expense - oh my!

jude said...

fabulous goats and vivid color. money's purpose is for what you need. if it makes you happy it is fine. nice tree.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece you have created & I love the significance behind it. Lovely colours & so creative!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am so anxious to see this all as a whole. I have been following this and enjoying your explanations, most of which I had never known. Beautiful colors and stitching as well.

Barbara said...

Beautiful work Eva. What a lovely old olive tree.

ArtSparker said...

The composition of the goats is very lovely, and the tree is a wonder - such a rushing, while so stable.