Thursday, January 29, 2009

Package Design

Kept me busy for a day: A job. I have to design a package for so called Himalaya Salt -- well, it comes from the Salt Range in Pakistan, to be precise. In this case I cannot show any pictures of what I do, of course this is confidential. Only the product photos are public.

This is the white, pink or apricot coloured salt: salt lumps, white crystals, and ground salt. For many years I have designed packages for this customer every now and then.


Diane said...

Ah, what fun. I used to love to do graphic design, something I havent thought about for a long time. I especially loved getting lost in fonts and playing with letters. I originally trained as a commercial artist back in college but went on to fine art and then textiles.

Eva said...

Oh, yes, I know about getting lost in fonts. My customers taught me to break this habit.

Judy said...

What fun you are having! I love the salt lumps when the pic is enlarged.