Sunday, December 14, 2008

A boring view

Short days: At 3 pm the light starts fading and is gone until 4 pm. Now, we have a little sunshine, very low. My little prayer flags are hardly moving. A faint sun is shining through a veil of clouds.
Now I want to get back to my work. The little rug for my mother in law has to be finished until Christmas.

The 3-D-effect is quite visible, although I don't do anything on purpose. It just happens.
Hope she will like it.
"No, she won't", said my man, deadpan face.


T said...

I think that she will like it, you have put so much into it, and it looks great. It sort of looks like it is 3D. Up and down. Like the colours that you have used too. Your patchwork is coming along well too.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

When I looked at the photo I was sure it was 3D. You did a wonderful job. I love the colors.
I just finished the Grand Finale quilt in the olors of my life series and it is actually 3D.
I won't be showing any photos on my blog until after my solo show opens January 25th.

judyinthedyes said...

your husband sounds like he is a lot of fun.
your weaving is beautiful!!

jude said...

i love to see tapestry weaving, this is great, how big is it?

Eva said...

The size of the small rug: 9" wide and probably 30" long