Monday, December 15, 2008

Painting new patches

Today I painted a few new patches for Joseph's colourful coat. And this is the mess in which I work (and I seem to need it):
I use acrylics and disperse them on a smooth surface, then comb it with a selfmade plastic tool to create the patterns and transfer it by just pressing the cloth (old linnen bedsheet) onto the paint. It is much easier than creating a print which is meant to remain after washing. Mine would suffer a lot.
This is the palette.
I was desparate today, trying to iron a laser print onto cloth. Just a faint, dirty shadow! Looks like I have to buy this transparent foil for laser printers. Or is there a cheap and easy way? 50 years ago in school I learnt how to print with potatoe halves into which we cut patterns. But not photographs.

And this is the husband, watching O'Sullivan play a brilliant snooker in the UK Championship.


Paula Hewitt said...

this is a good idea - it sounds like monoprinting - which i have never tried.

Rayna said...

"the husband" is cute. The fabrics are really interesting and I love seeing them evolve. All this activity makes me feel like a sloth.
I'd better get busy!

judyinthedyes said...

What Rayna meant to say was not only is the husband cute, but he is young! LOL I love your printing technique. Just gorgeous stuff! Did you make the pillow that is in the picture with 'the husband'?


Eva said...

Yes, the pillow is the Paul Klee cushion.

Eva said...

And my husband is 43. I stopped contradicting people who think he is my son.