Monday, December 8, 2008

Instead of something new...

Over the weekends, my art projects are not getting on much because of visitors and concentration on my husband who deserves my attention during the few hours we can spend together. So I take something from my older archives to show you instead: One of my art dolls. Savaripa the hunter.
He has a bow and arrows with real feathers, and the bow is 9 inch and really shoots the arrows. There are his shoes and a multi-layer fake kimono. He is not for sale, but his brothers and sisters are.

Here in Germany, nobody is interested to put them into their shops. I don't dare to offer them in Etsy, because I think they might get damaged when sent on a long journey. What do you think, what is wrong with them? A friend of mine said they might be mistaken for cheap China made dolls.


Cynthia said...

Eva - thanks for your comment on my blog...always nice to meet new people.

In regards to your art dolls, I'm not sure that Etsy is the right venue, but it's all about the marketing, photographs and details. It would be great exposure to list them, even if most people couldn't afford to purchase them.

I do think there is an audience who clamor for hand made dolls and after looking at your website and how these are made, I can see how special these are.

I tried my hand at making marionettes this summer and know how much work goes into them.

BTW, my step mother is German - after my father died, she returned to Germany. She lives in a small village outside of Wurzburg. I am overdue for a visit.

Fiber Focus said...

I think the doll is beautiful! There are doll shows and competitions that you could certainly enter them. Packing fragile items is not that hard if you learn how to do it. Use bubble wrap and two boxes, one inside the other.

There is nothing wrong with your doll and anything can be compared to cheap stuff coming out of China. Baskets, glassware, ceramics, etc. Someday this inequality of price will end which will help all hand made items....

Hope you feel better soon!