Sunday, December 14, 2008

Should be weaving, but I'm stitching

News from Joseph's coat: 3 new pictures are being added.
No.1: Joseph's brothers are pleading for food in front of the Egyptian officials.

No.2: Wheat spikes, upright and bent
No.3: The pyramid
In the big picture, the fingerprint is there, evidence of crime. So the whole story will be in the coat already, in parts written/drawn with blood -- patterns of destiny.
But I want my spectators to feel free in their own discoveries. Because whatever you see in these pictures -- you are right, your vision is as least as valid as the artist's intention.

Today my man cooked the dinner and let me create. He is such a darling!


Rayna said...

Eva - is that a new photo of you? How beautiful -- as is the coat you are making. No, you should be stitching - this will be another work of art.

Lucky you, my husband doesn't cook. But he does his own laundry - LOL.

Eva said...

It was my recovery photo when I started feeling okay again after the flu. My hubby took it.

judyinthedyes said...

So, what did you darling cook for dinner? Mine cooked last night: charro beans that were delicious, plus some Mexican pork.

Yes, I like your new picture too.


jude said...

and i should be stitching but i am sitting and staring....i love this project...very free and folk.