Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays for All of You!

Grey days, no snow -- or too much snow. Nothing really attractive outdoors. A cozy fire, the warmth of people being together and the joy of being close to the loved ones: This is what we need much more than presents. I'll celebrate with my husband tonight. Ancester cult is postponed. My mother in law caught a cold, so we'll see her and my father in law during next weekend. This gives me some more time to finish the weaving.

-- My husband will enjoy some days of rest, for work was hell in the last weeks before Christmas. He had to work for three. No exaggeration. One of his colleagues fell downstairs and broke a leg, the other one was dismissed. It is a miracle how he managed to substitute them.
We'll have supper and a little present and be alone as always. Father, what makes this night different from all the other? -- Almost nothing.
Oh, yes. Chris Gray sent me this absolutely cute Christmas ornament plus a lovely card (middle top), how sweet is this!

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