Monday, December 8, 2008

Too much to do

I confess I have been dissipating my energies with all the things I want to do. So eager to try out everything, so unable to find a line, sell the bl... stuff and make up my mind which craft to stick to. Which craft? :-)
Pottery. Done in my twenties when I was a student. Requires a kiln. Little hope to install it in a 78-squaremeters-2nd-floor suburban flat.
Polymere clay work. Numerous attempts to offer it to shops, but no success yet. Okay, I'll try Etsy!

Ladies, who read my blog: I'm ever so grateful for your kind comments. They are encouraging, your blogs are so interesting to read, especially when I see the level of your art & craft blogs being higher than most blogs in my home country; you show us adorable patience with long-time projects, the courage to confess draw-backs, the benevolence. I think I'm lucky to have the internet.


ger said...

Ein Hallo nach Hamburg aus Berlin... Die Anmerkung zum Qualitätsgefälle im Vergleich zu englischsprachigen Art + Craft Blogs ist leider nur allzu wahr - freue mich umso mehr, eine ansprechende und interessante deutsche Seite entdeckt zu haben...

Paula Hewitt said...

I have the same problem - too many things i want to try - not enough hours in the day. i like your pottery and your polymer beads - i have played with polymer clay a bit - lots of fun.

Judy said...

Both your pottery and your beads are wonderful Eva! I too feel that I am tugged from one 'love' to another. You should see my workspace(s): stuff is everywhere as I just can't decide on my happiest medium! When will I grow up? I'd better hurry!! Your work is you have an etsy site?

Hope you are feeling better.


Diane said...

I say follow your heart and do what makes you feel good. You dont have to stick with just one thing. I go in spurts myself. I think it keeps me from burning out. When I get tired of stitching and just cant look at another needle, I design and paint a stained glass window instead! BTW I love your idea of making my own fairy shoes. Maybe I will felt some nice fairy house slippers *^_^*